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Here’s What People Are Saying about PRIV

It’s official – we’re launching an Android smartphone, called the PRIV by BlackBerry. CEO John Chen confirmed it with an announcement on both CNBC and the Inside BlackBerry Blog. The Internet’s been abuzz with the news since then.
Let’s take a look at some of the things people are saying – they might surprise you.


Josh Nieves, “There’s something that only BlackBerry is able to do well, and that’s messaging…BlackBerry’s able to consistently deliver an amazing messaging experience primarily through [its] keyboards, and it looks like the PRIV won’t be an exception.”

James Nieves, BerryFlow: “If you sit back and think about the name ‘Priv,’ it actually makes a lot of sense….the hardware is only part of what’s offered. Sure, there’s Android…but there’s also Privacy, which is a much more intangible thing. To capitalize on the data losses in popular apps and services, BlackBerry has crafted a device that is enterprise grade when paired with BES software and also has consumer services to defend against compromised data.”

Mariella Moon, Engadget: “If the device turns out to have killer features, then it doesn’t matter what it’s called: after all, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Ron Amadeo, Ars Technica: “Android OEMs have been in a race to the bottom, cutting costs everywhere they can and axing features…Blackberry obviously isn’t falling in with the current Android OEM groupthink, and that makes the PRIV one of the more exciting devices to come along in some time. We’re excited about a BlackBerry device. What year is it?”

BLA1ZE, CrackBerry: “Arguably the biggest reason an Android customer might actually want to consider picking up the BlackBerry PRIV…That fantastic BlackBerry keyboard that even the most touch-screen faithful individuals will admit to missing at times.

Matthew Deluca, NBC News: “The smartphone, called PRIV, is aimed at business customers who just can’t separate themselves from a physical keyboard, but also want the range of apps that come with Google’s Android operating system.”

Ben Woods, The Next Web: “If the PRIV arrives looking like its leaked images, then it’ll certainly stand out from the sea of other Android slabs on offer. How many can you think of with a physical keyboard in a sliding form factor?”

Elyse Betters, Pocket-Lint: “Leaked videos appear to show that the BlackBerry PRIV will have the same sort of weave to the rear as we saw – and loved – on the Q10, but highly polished. Given that this whole phone revolves around a slider mechanism, it’s a sure bet that it will have a metal frame.”

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